Access Event Solutions Celebrates 20th Anniversary

CREDIT: It’s a twist on an old movie plot cliché: Boy gets job. Boy loses job. Boy gets job back, then goes out on his own, then builds successful, innovative company supporting the live event industry. Like its founder, Seth Sheck, the story of Access Event Solutions is colorful. And as they celebrate their […]

Supply Chain Issues and how global shortages are affecting consumers nationwide.

Supply Chain Issues and how global shortages are affecting consumers nationwide. The many steps that bring a product to a customer is known as the supply chain and by now you’ve probably been affected in some way or another.  Right now, many store shelves are partly empty, deliveries are delayed, and prices are rising. Bottlenecks […]

Feeling Thankful and Grateful – Thank You From ACCESS

ACCESS Event Solutions is more than just a print shop, we’re family. We may produce high quality and durable VIP passes, custom passes, tour laminates, conference name badges, and sports credentials but we also have ping pong tournaments and Friday morning doughnuts. We are a team of nine passionate individuals, each bringing unique backgrounds to ACCESS. […]

Meet the Bosses of ACCESS

Boss’s Day became a national holiday after Patricia Bays Haroski registered it with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to honor her father (who was also her employer). 2020 has caused for many businesses, small and large, to close their doors or restructure their organizations. The bosses of ACCESS have had to make difficult decisions over […]

Oh the Horror! Credential Crisis -Tricks for Secure Credentials

October is made up of haunted house tours, costume parties, and endless acres of pumpkin patches. Our team always looks forward to this time of the year as it means football every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday, as well as the beginning of sweater weather, and buckets of Halloween candy. Since October is known for sharing […]

Surviving a Pandemic: How ACCESS is Working Through COVID

  Like many businesses, we were looking forward to what 2020 would bring. We kicked off 2020 with a high sales quarter and had several projects in the pipeline, then came March. Our industry went dark and with the Nevada mandated shut down, we had to temporarily close our production and office with our team […]

Are You an Event Pro? 8 Webinars and Podcasts to Check Out

What month is it again, how long have we been in quarantine? Are we even still in quarantine? We’re already in August and our industry is still trying to cope with the ongoing situation. Although we have seen a return in sports and music, many of us are still at home waiting for the revival […]

Uncertain Times Call for New Innovations

   The COVID19 pandemic has changed and impacted every aspect of our lives. From going to the grocery store to going to the movies, over the course of two months our world has changed. These times have led to uncertainty when it comes to the event industry. Many events are being cancelled or postponed, but […]

Festival Frenzy

                From Woodstock to Coachella, music festivals have been a mecca of not only music but also for free expression and the arts. ACCESS Event Solutions has had the opportunity to work with a variety of music festivals, from small to large scale, country to punk rock festivals, […]