Custom credentials are not created equally

At ACCESS® we strive to create the best looking, most secure backstage passes in the industry. One of our biggest anti-counterfeiting methods is Hot Foil Stamping. Hot foil stamping is a process in which a sheet of foil material is stamped on to the substrate using a heated base and a stamping press. The result is a shiny metallic and often holographic finish that is nearly impossible to counterfeit without commercial equipment. There are many different types of foil that can be used to create different effects within a design, many of which are pictured below.

Designing for hot foil stamping isn’t as simple as sending a file to press. The artist must envision what the foil will look like incorporated into the design and collaborate with press operators to assure the foil is properly placed and stamped onto the VIP badges. It’s an art getting them right – slight variations in heat and pressure can cause the foil to crack or not to adhere correctly.



We take great pride in the fact that we produce the entire product in-house, keeping your backstage passes as safe and secure as possible. Our foil experts Rob Ahnlund, Duray James and James Jackson are constantly pushing the boundaries and limitations of custom foil stamping. Applying multiple hits of foil in different metallic and holographic finishes creates a beautiful product that is not only extremely difficult to counterfeit, it also makes your event memorable as attendees and fans enjoy displaying their custom foiled credentials as keepsakes, even years after the event is over.

You’ll see many of the foil varieties below, however we’ve by no means listed all available. If you do not see something you’re looking for, please give us a call and we can discuss options.

Take your custom event credentials to a whole new level by leveraging our hot foil stamping expertise, call today for a quote.

Foil in Use