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Luggage Tags – The Ultimate Keepsake

Why settle for plain luggage tags when you can order custom luggage tags from the world’s most premier provider of custom backstage pass printing, custom VIP pass printing, and custom conference badges?

For entertainers, bands, touring acts, sports teams, and travel groups where image is everything, choose our custom designed luggage tags.

Waterproof and rugged, our luggage tags withstand the abuse of travel. Choose from a wide variety of sizes, shapes, or let us make you something truly unique. Our custom luggage tags can act as keychain tags or zipper pulls as well. Garnish your custom luggage tags with eye-catching holographic foil and full color artwork to stand out from the rest and make a great impression. 

Have a corporate sponsor? Our luggage tags are fantastic assets for your sponsorship offerings.

Why stop at luggage? Our custom tags make for the best looking golf bag tags on the market.


Case Labels – Organization Has Never Looked So Good

Our award-winning designers create custom case labels that are perfect for labeling and branding your valuables. Mark them with a Sharpie Pen – it won’t rub off, but the labels are erasable with an alcohol swab.

In order  to enhance your brand or organizational image, the designs can integrate with the look and feel of your tour, your custom VIP passes, working satin passes, custom hospitality badges, etc. Plus, they are re-usable as they are laminated on an industrial pressure-sensitive foam backing that can be written on with sharpies and wiped off with alcohol wipes.

Keeping your gear in order has never been easier!