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Game Changing Innovations:

Seth, the founder of ACCESS is responsible for bringing the die cut “Matrix” laminate to market along with the ink on foil “Star” laminate and the Clear Lam.

Our passes and credentials are made in America at our facility, by skilled craftsmen and graphic designers who have won many awards for their work throughout the years.

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Matrix Laminates

The Matrix laminate that has become the standard event credential around the world was invented by the founder of ACCESS, Seth Sheck! It is our best-selling product and is ideal for controlling access at events by using shapes as codes for security to easily identify who belongs in a certain area and who does not.

Pouch Laminates

Pouch Laminates from ACCESSTM Event Solutions are the best on the market, and make for the perfect, cost-effective solution for custom VIP passes, backstage passes, and touring laminates for staff and crew.

Satin Stick-Ons

Our satin-cloth “sticky passes” are specially formulated to stick to fabrics and don’t peel when exposed to moisture, sweat, or humidity, as our thick back-liner keeps them from curling over time and in different climates.

Parking Passes

Our parking passes and window stickers stand out and are easy to spot. Printed on brightly colored recycled paper, they are great representations of your team, organization, and brand sponsors.