Like many businesses, we were looking forward to what 2020 would bring. We kicked off 2020 with a high sales quarter and had several projects in the pipeline, then came March. Our industry went dark and with the Nevada mandated shut down, we had to temporarily close our production and office with our team either being furloughed or working from home. Luckily, we have been able to keep our doors open and continue to produce orders for those navigating this new normal.

Although this has been a difficult time for us as our business is dependent on live events, we have used this time to reassess the business and make some pivots into other ventures. Although our team may be smaller it is mighty and working harder than ever to make it on the other side of this pandemic.

Feld Motorspot ACCESS Client Faux Fans

No More Empty Stands

Many sporting events are using faux fans (fan cutouts) to fill there stands and engage their fans in new ways. We are currently offering faux fans to drive fan engagement and still have an audience at your event. Our faux fans program is also a great opportunity to make some revenue as we charge a flat fee and cut you a check for the remaining balance.

We create the custom website that allows for your fans to upload their photo and name and in a matter of minutes, they create their faux fan that they can either have shipped to them or to the event. It’s a great way to engage your fans, some of which may not have been able to be in the stands even without COVID and make some extra revenue. Contact us today to learn more about creating your own faux fan experience.


Mask Up – Personal Protective Equipment

Event solutions is in our name for a reason, our goal is to provide you with the best event solutions. With the current pandemic, event health safety is a top concern, our solution to this is offering personal protective equipment, PPE.

Our new PPE product line includes custom social distancing floor markers, disposable and custom face masks, face shields, social distancing barriers, and much more. Our PPE is here to help you navigate this new normal with ease and help add an extra layer of health security. You can visit our PPE page to find out more information on our different products within this new line. Make sure your team, crew, and patrons are safe when you come back!


Real Passes for Virtual Events

Artist Posing with ACCESS Event Credential for Virtual Event

The origin of the event credential was to provide an extra level of security at a given event. Although this is still the main function of event credentials, they have evolved from their utilitarian beginning to becoming memorabilia. As more conferences and events shift to a virtual platform, many must find ways to bring value to their sponsorships. Why not use your event credentials as your sponsor’s personal billboard and platform direct to their consumers.

What does this look like exactly? We can design the front of your credentials with your own custom artwork and the backs can include bar codes or QR codes to your sponsors website and allow them to run their own promotions and gather pertinent marketing information. Your attendees get to keep a memento of the virtual event and your sponsors are still able to access valuable data.

Creating One of a Kind Partnerships

WeMakeEvents RedAlertRestart Event Credential

Although this pandemic has caused much of the industry to still go dark, we are proud of the partnerships we have developed from it. We currently have developed partnerships with Entertainment Industry Response (EIR), Live Events Coalition, Event Safety Alliance, #WeMakeEvents, and Gritty Rocks Live! (GRL!). We have had the opportunity to work on several projects through these partnerships such as creating laminates for the #WeMakeEvents Red Alert Restart event which saw thousands of venues, famous structures, and residences turn red in support for the live events industry.

We also created laminates for GRL’s Gritty in Pink Virtual Tour. The tour was comprised of all female artists from a variety of genres, the tour featured eight tour dates from New York to Los Angeles and was live streamed on Instagram Live every Tuesday night. We are proud to be able to support our industry through these partnerships.


Where Does ACCESS Go from Here?

Our founder and CEO, Seth Sheck has this to say:

“While we’re in survival mode like so many of our industry peers, we’re taking this time to upgrade our systems, protocols and procedures.  We remain optimistic that this is temporary and that things will eventually improve to a point where we not only get back to where we were before the pandemic but that we’ll soar way beyond that point because we’ve learned to operate more efficiently with less resources. By tuning up our equipment and working on improving efficiencies in as many areas possible we’ve been able to pivot to offer new products and services.”

Despite having to make some difficult decisions, we are continuing to fight through this pandemic and make it to the other side. No one has a clear end date to these dark times, but we remain hopefully that 2021 will bring the return of live events. If you’d like to learn more about our new solutions, contact us today!