October is made up of haunted house tours, costume parties, and endless acres of pumpkin patches. Our team always looks forward to this time of the year as it means football every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday, as well as the beginning of sweater weather, and buckets of Halloween candy. Since October is known for sharing horror stories, we want to share with you the biggest horrors of the credential industry and how you can prevent them from happening to you!

Event credentials being posted on social media.

  • We have helped our clients through this type of crisis quite a few times by replacing 100% of their order with new designs, which becomes expensive. In order to prevent this, we can add a message on your credentials that lets your attendees, crew, and guests know not to post photos of their credentials on social media. Some of our clients, like Tyler the Creator and Warped Tour have listed a warning on their credentials about posting them online.
  • Due to our quick turnaround times, we are also able to help design and produce new credentials for you to avoid individuals from entering with the compromised credentials.
  • We understand that your credentials are an extension of your band, sports team, or brand, and that a lot of time and money go into designing them. You can add some flare and make sure that your credentials are counterfeit proof by adding hot stamp foiling onto your event credentials. By doing this, it makes it extremely difficult for someone to recreate your credentials. You can add our hot stamp foiling on your VIP laminates, tour laminates, media credentials, conference names badges, and satin stick on passes! We also offer custom UV printing as an additional layer of security.

Individuals giving their credentials to people that shouldn’t have access.

  • Our clients have made us aware that some of their teams have given their credentials to individuals that are not supposed to have access to a certain area. We have helped our clients with this by offering them the solution of cold lamination and variable data.
  • Our cold lamination technique allows you to customize your event credentials on site. You’ll have the capability to writing on or applying a picture to the exposed substrate to personalize your blank badges. After doing this, remove the lamination liner and apply the pressure sensitive (sticky) lamination film to the back of your custom backstage passes. By doing this, your security team will be able to identify if the individual has access by looking at the photo and name on the credential. Check out our step by step video on our cold lamination process here.


At ACCESS Event Solutions we hold ourselves to a higher standard by creating high-quality event credentials and providing exceptional customer service. We have solutions for every budget.  We understand that there is a lot that goes into putting together an event so let us make the credential process simple and seamless as possible.