Supply Chain Issues and how global shortages are affecting consumers nationwide.

The many steps that bring a product to a customer is known as the supply chain and by now you’ve probably been affected in some way or another.  Right now, many store shelves are partly empty, deliveries are delayed, and prices are rising. Bottlenecks at many steps along the way are keeping products out of the hands of consumers. When the supply chain will return to normal is anyone’s guess.

Is it affecting us here at ACCESS?

We have experienced delays in material goods reach U.S. manufacturers and it has caused a slight delay in receiving some of our material.  We also continue to experience significant challenges and rising prices throughout the supply chain affecting raw materials, freight, fuel, wood, and packaging materials, and other operating costs.  With that said, we continue to make efforts to improve operating efficiencies and provide high-quality product and services. We have been fortunate to maintain our relationships with our vendors who have supported us for over 20 years now to keep product in stock and keeping prices down.  If you are looking for credentials for an upcoming event, it would be a good idea to get an order started sooner rather than waiting to ensure you can deliver your passes or credentials on time while we continue to try an absorb as much of the rising costs.