When Hendrix played Woodstock, the backstage pass was merely a necessity.

Now it’s a work of art.


An Extension of the Brand

Today, artists spend hours tooling logos, images, and colors to create passes that are more than a necessity; they’re works of art. The team at ACCESS® is constantly trolling blogs and mulling over resources to keep our designs fresh and passes secure. Sure, we could set all of your text in Papyrus, but we do appreciate repeat business, so we’ll go ahead and use some modern and up-to-date typefaces that won’t leave you cringing. Your tour, festival, conference or hospitality event is your brand and we want to make sure we do everything in our power to uphold the integrity and consistency of it.

The team at ACCESS® has been awarded numerous awards for both the design and printing of event credentials. Our skilled production team is equipped with some of the most innovative printing and finishing equipment available to take your event badges to the next level. Features like multiple hits of metallic and holographic foil, UV blacklight sensitive ink, and custom die-cut shapes help your event badges become sexy, secure keepsakes – long after the event is over.

From ideas scribbled on bar napkins to entire brand guidelines, our team can take virtually any resource given and turn them into both beautiful and functional event passes.



Here are the steps of the process you’ll experience when you work with ACCESS®.

Order Placement: When you order from us, you’ll specify size/shape of pass, the number of versions, etc. This will affect the design (the amount of real-estate to work with).

Art Assets: Many of our clients want us to use existing logos and brand guidelines for their organization. These are considered “art assets”. We request that you deliver any assets to ACCESS® if applicable. Click here for art guidelines.

Design Proof: Once you’ve placed an order, our art team will work up a digital design proof for review. This digital design proof will typically consist of a few design concepts that we feel fit the overall look and feel of the event.

Complete Proof: Once the overall look and feel is approved, we’ll send back another complete digital proof that shows all of the products in your order for design approval.

Setup: Finally we’ll setup the artwork for pre-press and transfer your order into the hands of our in-house production team.


Being born from the concert and touring industry we have adapted our processes to accommodate extremely tight deadlines and turn-around times, without compromising quality.

You hear terms thrown around from time to time that are print specific that you may not understand. We’re here to help – not all of us were born in a print shop, Frank.

Pre-Flight: The process where a collection of computer files will be transferred to pre-defined templates for digital printing.

Die Cutting: The process of using a die and press to cut specific shapes out of a substrate.

Substrate: The material that is printed on. Paper, Teslin, Card stock, Satin cloth, etc.

Teslin: A waterproof synthetic printing medium consisting of a single-layer, uncoated film that is extremely strong. Teslin is also recyclable and non-toxic.

Satin: A cloth substrate with an adhesive back for single use passes. Commonly referred to in the industry as “Stickies.”

Digital Proof: A PDF file that shows how your order will look when completed.

Hard Proof: An actual sample of the product typically over-nighted for approval. Available for $100 per proof or version.