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Mission Statement

ACCESS Event Solutions’s mission is to make live events worldwide more safe, secure, simple, and successful!


At ACCESS® Event Solutions, we design and manufacture top-quality event credentials (backstage passes, conference badges, sports media credentials, and more) for the world’s most image-conscious events, brands, sports teams and entertainers.

Our commitment to design and quality means our products enhance the brands of the organizations we represent, from Justin Bieber, Jay-Z and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, to The New England Patriots, the San Francisco Giants, CES Conference, and Live Nation. We draw on our expertise in event management to develop solutions (both physical and digital) which save time and money while increasing the safety of our clients’ events and awareness of brand sponsors.

We’re honored to work with the world’s most well-known brands, conferences, entertainers, and sports teams, and our in-house production line and tech-development team allow us to deliver our solutions in even the strictest of time requirements.

At ACCESS® Event Solutions, we live for LIVE.

Our Culture

At ACCESS® Event Solutions, we create the best quality custom backstage passes, live-event credentials, and event technology solutions that the world has ever seen, and to do so while delivering the service you deserve.

In order to accomplish our goal in a sustainable way, we support a company culture in which hard work, a commitment to quality, and a dedication to customer experience are enabled by supporting our employees and their individual passions and goals.

We know that a happy employee leads to happy customers and we realize that one’s employer and working environment are as influential in maintaining a healthy, positive outlook to life as are friends, families, and loved ones.

Please enjoy our core values and support us in our commitment to creating a company that embodies each one to its fullest.


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