Our tickets make for perfect commemorative tickets and custom event tickets for sporting events, award shows, party decks, general admission, festivals, and hospitality galas. We have produced custom tickets for the Kid’s Choice Awards, Kid’s Choice Sport Awards, Miller Lite, Tampa Bay Blues Festival, and many more. Our custom tickets are the perfect solution for your next event and also make for great memorabilia and keepsakes.

Make your tickets truly stand out to your attendees by adding authentic holographic foil, bar codes, numbering, and perforation tabs. All these features help increase your event branding and security. Take your event to a whole other level by adding QR codes to drive traffic to a social media component.

We also offer schedule cards, custom scratch-off ticket options, tear-off drink vouchers, custom food tickets, dimensional toner, UV ink printing, and coupon books.

Need help designing custom tickets for your next sporting event, award show, festival or company event? Let our team of award winning graphic designers help create a custom design for your tickets. Our designers are the true experts and can not only help design your tickets but also create custom holographic foil and UV ink patterns. These features not only make your tickets look incredible but also extremely difficult to counterfeit.

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