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In the months leading up to our annual training camp (This past summer), my team and I were trying to find the perfect solution to our credential dilemma we were experiencing. We were trying to find a credential that would look and feel great but also be functional, fiscally responsible and have the ability to accurately track them.

As we were about to settle for less, we discovered the remarkable abilities, options and services of Kristen Borders and her team at Access Event Solutions.

She explained to me an option/package they offered that would allow us to print out our own high quality credentials on-site at our training camp. This turned out to be an extremely valuable option for us. We were instantly able to print all of our credentials that we needed for training camp right there in our office, saving a lot of time and frustration. They packaged up everything we would need to get us through our training camp (i.e, printer, labels, creds, camera, etc.) and it worked great and even included a postage paid return label for when we were done.

The set up was simple and if we had any troubleshooting needs, Kristen and her team answered every call we made to help us immediately.

I look forward to working with Kristen and her team again next season.