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Elmer Fernandez

I have to say that everyone is impressed with the badges. I’m grateful for the great job you and your company have done for me once again.

David Ruff

I wanted to let you all know that we have been very impressed with your organization. We actually looked a little while ago and what other products and services you offer. Anyway just wanted you to know that your efforts have been noticeably exceptional.

Shawn K.

In the months leading up to our annual training camp (This past summer), my team and I were trying to find the perfect solution to our credential dilemma we were experiencing. We were trying to find a credential that would look and feel great but also be functional, fiscally responsible and have the ability to […]

Henry B.

The ACCESS team has gone above and beyond for all of my artists for over a decade. Whether the job was big, small or strange they make ordering an essential part of a tour very smooth.


Our event rocked and the client could not have been happier! We really liked the look of your badges. They are the quality products that we have been seeking!

Christopher Robinson

On behalf of my team, we really appreciate your professionalism and the way your team responded to our deadline. I have communicated that to our production managers and asked them to add AES to our vendor list. Normally, booking credentials is out of the scope of my duties, but I will advise our team of […]


Thanks so much for your help. I know that we did not deliver the content very clearly, so thanks for making it happen and getting them to us in time. Merrell has other meetings and events coming up. I will be in touch to work with you again. Very Best


The passes look great, and as always the service was fantastic! As a consultant to many event and media companies, my resources are my most valuable assets. Access is my resource for passes. The service I have dealt with there has been professional and courteous. I look forward to working with you on this and […]

Dawn L.

Absolutely will call you. I think you guys rock.

Alexander K.

Well it’s common knowledge in the industry that if you want the real thing, you guys are the “go-to” company & what are you doing is still working at this time of night? I never expected to be dialoging back and forth with you this late… This service is un-matchable!