Create unique event credentials and memorable keepsakes of your events with a custom-shape VIP pass.

Custom shapes make your event credentials and brand activations truly unique and secure. They are extremely difficult to counterfeit and allow for you to quickly identify who has access from a distance.

Our custom shaped event credentials are created using high quality substrates, making them extremely durable. Our eye catching, holographic hot foil stamping is also a great way to provide an extra layer of security. We are experts when it comes to hot foil stamping and have won numerous awards. You can learn more about our hot foil stamping here!

You can also take your event credentials to another level by adding UV Ink, variable names and photos, and barcodes.

They make for great tour laminates, media credentials, conference name badges, and sport credentials.

Contact us today to get started on creating your custom credentials!

NOTE: Pricing is customized to your needs. Except for our webstore, you will need to get pricing from one of our representatives.


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